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Singer rebuild


Whether you need a minor repair, a major rebuild or just parts we have the resources to assist you.

We perform repair and rebuilding services on most makes and models of machinery whether it be a small flatbed machine or very large harness machines we have the experience and knowledge to help you.

Shown here is one of most recent rebuild projects.  This is a Singer 29K172 Long Arm Large Shuttle Patch machine.  You Will Notice from the pictures that this machine was in poor shape when we received it.   Also this machine was damaged in shipment.  The Photos on the top show the machine in its original condition,  below the machine is shown in its rebuilt condition.  During the rebuild we decided to install the head on a motorized stand.  This Stand is a stand we made right in our shop.  Also You will notice that we replace the decals on the machine, this is for aesthetics only.

 Note: Each and every machine we rebuild is tested out in our shop before we ever consider offering it for sale.  This particular machine is not for sale, it was purchased as a spare to accompany our other patch machine.

Machinery Repair

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